Aviva Community Fund

Last year was the first year I heard of this, I don’t really understand the concept of how funds like this work. (That would involve numbers and math, and I am just no good at that). But basically what happens is, a bunch of people come up with ideas and what in society would benefit from getting a little extra cash. So Ideas range from youth clubs, kid things, to animal welfare ideas. I guess aviva has a 1 million dollar fund, the willing charities/ideas get a share of the profit.

Last year my animal shelter became a semi- finalist and we won $5,000 for our shelter and the animals. This year we are competing again. It is pretty simple, everyday you go to the web page and you vote, you can vote for one or more cause, and you vote everyday. There is three rounds, we are in round one and last time I checked we ranked #6. There is three more days of round one, I’m positive we will make it to the second around, but you never know how fast things can change.

At the same time, there are animal shelter fighting to get to the top spot, and it makes me sad. Yes, we need the money, but there are also other shelter that REALLY need the money. Is it hypocritical for me to say let us win, but please vote for other shelter as well? After all you can vote for more then one idea, however you only get so many votes, and once you use all your votes, you can not vote until the next round.

So I would like to ask my followers if they would take a few seconds and vote for the shelter I work for, and also for another animal shelter that I feel will benefit greatly from any money they will win. Thank you.

http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf16854     <– The shelter I work for(Moncton SPCA)

http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf17545     <– Quinte Humane Society


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