ANTM All Star: Allison Harvard

Now, I’ve been watching Amercia’s Next Top Model: All Star Season since it aired, this season. Allison has been my favorite model since episode one. She has now made it to the final three.

For anyone not following the All Star Season, Tyra Banks brought back girls from all previous seasons, who stood out. Allison was originally in cycle 12, where she got runner up. And now she is back and in the top three.

Why should she win?

Allison is a very shy and quiet girl, she doesn’t say much and does not get into girl drama. But when she gets into the zone for her photoshoots, she pulls them off like a pro!

This girl has the most amazing eyes! I think her eyes help her pull off the shots. But she also has sensitive eyes, which in photos in direct sunlight, her eyes water, and it hard for her to keep them open. BUT she still gets the shot regardless! The game was a guest judge of the show and he loved her and said she was “beautifully weird”. (or something along those lines). I think being unique like Allison is, is key. who wants all models to be alike, act alike, look alike..that’s just boring.

One of the episode involved making a music video, Allison won best video. Her video gave me chills, I must admit I didn’t think she could pull it off, as during the episode she was very overwhelmed about writing a song. Everything Allison does turns out to be great and she pulls it off. Last episode she was in the bottom two with Laura. I was so nervous. I liked both girls, Laura was just the country cutie and very bubbly, you couldn’t help but like her. When Tyra announced Allison name a smile came on my face.

Next week will be the season finale. I am excited to see who will win. I will be hoping for Allison. She has everything a model should have.