It’s been over a year….but I’ve come back :)

It’s been over a year since I have written anything in this blog, good thing I don’t have any followers on this thing, they might have been disappointed… I am currently working for a local animal shelter, and I also adopted a new dog, her name is Missy, which means I will have to make her a page.

I have been a little lost in the past year, there was a lot of drama that went on in the last year, I have pulled myself away from all the drama and nonsense, and have decided to start focusing on me, my career, and getting to where I would like to be in my life. I also have decided to use this blog, to promote animal shelters, and share with you, my thoughts on my work, photos of beautiful animals looking for home, and all the animals I have been helping.




Because I Felt Like Ranting Today

Today I have a ton of issues on my mind… First of all yes the SPCA drama is still going on, however it looks like there will be a court date for 16th of december. So until then I don’t have much more say..other then SOME PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT UP….ugggh I am so sick of hearing people bash the shelter and staff…Also sick of reading comments from a certain provinical why are you commenting on news articles on…. don’t you have a job to do!! Some of the childish comments I have read are enough to make me wonder why this people is even on the board. I don’t see the Shelter Staff commenting anywhere…or any other provinical members for that matter. Just goes to show some people are big time attention seekers.

Now I’m sure I’m going to get people who will be like “I’m tired of your ranting” “blah blah blah”…Then get off my blog as far as I’m concerned..I am entitled to my own opinion as is everyone else…But when it comes to people acting so childish and making up lies, all for the attention, it just makes me sick.

I have had my blog site since the summer, way before the spca drama, I just didn’t use it to much. It is true I have gotten a lot of views (over 600) since the spca articles, but this is just an easy way for me to tell you my side, as leaving long articles on a facebook group to be deleted is just silly.

SPEAKING OF…messages on groups being deleted.. I am no long allowed to comment on the Friends of the Sydney SPCA group..they also removed me, I am blocked from commenting on anything and picking up for the staff (which is what I usually do)..It’s pretty sad the staff aren’t allowed to defend themselves or people can’t defend the staff. But yet some of these members are on the Cape Breton Humane Society Facebook page..and are complaining their messages are getting deleted…Are you kidding me?? Your getting made because the shelter deleted your messages, when you turn around and do the same thing… Now I am not an admin of the Cape Breton Humane Society page..and probably a good thing to..because I would have some(not all of friends block..there are some good ones, we all must admit that..not all are attention seekers and hating on the staff) blocked… I don’t understand why they choose to be on the group when they hate them shelter and staff so much?


Moving on…To help make my christmas so much better… guess who is not going home… MEEE… 😦

Why? Because acadian bus lines, decided the holiday season is the best time to go on strike…thanks. So maybe I’ll return to the island after christmas. But in away its okay because, one of my two jobs sucks to the point where I am never working. Why do you hire people and never have the working. Here how the call center goes, you have to call in and see if you are working..on the days I told them I can work, since the last 3 weeks, I have worked like 3 times. THREE TIMES!! and I am not working this weekend either. Thank god for the second job to help me pay my bills and that…. Anyways enough of that.

So this was my rant for today… no pictures or anything because I just didn’t feel like it today…. Happy Reading 🙂


What Makes A Women Sexy

What is sexy? If you google a definition of sexy you get this as a definition:


adjective /ˈseksē/
sexier, comparative; sexiest, superlative

  • Sexually attractive or exciting
    • sexy French underwear
  • Sexually aroused
    • – neither of them was feeling sexy
  • Exciting; appealing
    • – I’ve climbed most of the really sexy west coast mountains
I had recently asked a guy while walking down the street how would he define sexy. In his opinion sexy wasn’t just the gorgeous skinny blonde with the big boobs walking down the street. Sexy was built more on the way a women handled herself,the career women, who could take care of herself and didn’t need anyone else; was the sexy women
As women we often find ourselves struggling with looks to be ideal for everyone. We want to be perfect and be up to date with fashion and anything that makes us look appealing to someone.
Some men will say sexy is all about looks and how a girl shows off her features. We all know men don’t just go to those bars with all the women working in short shorts and tight shirt just because they have good drinks. They go not only for the drinks but because of those “sexy” girls that work there. Which is great for business. But what about the girlfriends/wives of these men who are a little insecure about their own looks and have to watch their men trying not to stare at these girls prancing around.
Insecurity may not be sexy, but what really makes a girl sexy?
  • Maybe it is the independent women who doesn’t need a man or anyone around to complete herself.
  • Maybe it is the tall girl with the pretty face and nice features.
  • Maybe it is the average girl who is just being herself.
Nobody is perfect that’s for sure and maybe sexy just isn’t all that perfect either.
I would be really interest in knowing what my readers define as sexy, please leave a comment and let me know your opinion. Thanks!

Hunting for the Perfect Job

Is there really anything out as the perfect job? What defines the perfect job anyways? Is it something you really like doing, Is it the way you interact with your co-workers or clients, or is it just that you love getting up in the morning and going to that job?, I’m not quiet sure. As a recent graduate, I am currently searching for that perfect job, however my perfect job would be working at a veterinary clinic. Why? Well seeing how I just spent the last three years of my life in school studying in the veterinary field, I would imagine being a veterinary technician would be my perfect job. I love animals and enjoy teaching clients about animal health and care. I just really enjoy all the work involved in taking care of sick animals or helping monitor patients during routine surgical procedures. But of course while applying for these position I also need to take care of myself and of course my dog, in doing so I need a job regardless if clinics in the area are hiring or not. So while I run around applying to clinics and praying one will hire me(or call for an interview at least) I need to find a job to support myself.
As I do so in this search I have come across areas I enjoy such as, well animals. I have applied at pets stores in the area, had an interview but no luck :(. I want a job where I can be happy at it and comfortable, because lets face it, if its not at a vet clinic I’m just not going to be happy. Should I be a waitress? tips would be great but do I really want to deal with rude people and serve them food all day. Should I work in a fast food joint? Hell no! And not because I don’t think it’s a good job or anything, but I just don’t want to get fat and I enjoy food I must admit! But I have this fear if I go to work at a fast food place I will end up bring home food every night, eating it on my lunch breaks and then leading to me gaining weight. Or what about being a store cashier?..standing there all day ringing in peoples items repeating the same phrases, you know the ones “found everything your looking for today”. I must say I hate that phrase! Clearly if I am at the check out then yes I have found everything I’m looking for..If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be there, would I?
Now I’m not trying to put down anyone who works any type of the fields I have ranted about or any other field that doesn’t involve animals. If you are happy where you are then great! I wish you all the best. It’s just not something I want to do, nor is it for everybody.
I’m just starting to wonder, how many people out there are doing the job they do everyday because they love it? or because they have to do it, not that they want to but they have to, in order to support themselves and their families. Am I being selfish for wanting to do what I love to do, and hate to settle for less, even though I will need to pay next month rent and I need a job! Sure my boyfriend will help out and pay the rent until I get a job, but I enjoy being able to help and be independent and he enjoys that quality in me.

Welcome Bridget To

Yes, welcome me to this new blog site…which I am still trying to figure out!..I must say I do like it..I like the way you can personalize it and make it look good. HOWEVER I’m not a big fan of not being able to create my own theme and start off the way I want it..instead of choosing a theme that I can’t change something to. I went through all the free themes and really I only like this one..however I don’t like the big pink menu buttons…I like them but I want them smaller..I find they take up to much room..just want to shrink them just a little bit!!…Anyway I hope to have everything ready for this blog by next week…because it’s going to take me that long to figure out this site.