Moncton 2-20120730-00155Missy is a Pomeranian American Eskimo mix, who became a part of my family last summer when her and her sister had been surrendered to the shelter. Her sister was adopted and left Missy alone at the shelter. At this time the shelter was full, animals were sleeping in crate because of lack of space. I decided Missy would come home with me and be a foster, leaving a kennel open for another animal. She ended up staying and I adopted her. She has quickly become my little princess, who would rather just sit in your arms and look pretty, rather then run around and chase a ball.

She doesn’t have much of a story. She four years old and is stuck to me like glue. She doesn’t play with Lou, she very quiet when meeting other animals. She doesn’t mind cats…I kind of think she afraid of them. Might have something to do with the last foster cat I fostered that used to pick on her out of no where.

She is one of a kind that’s for sure. She enjoys just sitting by her mommy and being a spoiled little princess. Between her and Lou they have so many toys, you would think a kid lived here. I cant imagine my life without her, now that she has become a part of it


Moncton 2-20121017-00382 IMG-20121021-00421 IMG_00000324 IMG_00000356


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