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Just Another Day

It’s though sometimes, some days you give up hope, on society, on people, on everything. Compared to last winter at work, there has been so many dogs, non stop, every time there one empty…there two more dogs to occupy the spot. Its overwhelming to see. Every day there cats that need to be euthanized for various reason, either sick, injured, or just because we need the space.

Yeah most of my day is spent cleaning shit. But I see these animals everyday, talk to them in a high pitched squeeky voice. Laugh when they do something silly, like steal toys from the toy box, pee on something they shouldn’t be peeing on. Get annoyed when that dog that has been here forever, uses your arm as a human chew toy. I would never want to see anything bad happen to any of them. I want to see them all succeed. After all they aren’t here because they choose to be. Their here because we have put them here, “a puppy was too much, he eat everything, he pees on the floor, new baby, new life, moving, no time” there always an excuse. Yes, I am aware I have a job because society put them here. 

I have nor will I ever give up on an animal. I see the good in all of them. I see the work some need more then others. I’m not happy or excited about an animal that fails or that doesn’t make it out alive. I don’t wish death on any of them. Sadly some will not make it out alive. But I can’t lose it and break down everyday. You need to be strong but you don’t need to be hollow.

I worry and often question those who show no remorse, no sadness, nothing, no caring. Do you hide those emotions? Or are they just not their? Is this just a job? Maybe to some people it is just a job, something you do to get by. Yeah I’m just getting by to… but at the end of the day, I have this happy feeling of knowing I have made a different for that sad lonely animal, It makes me happy inside to see them happy to see me. It makes me sad to see them sad and afraid.

Some say it is different when it is your own pets. So what are you saying? Just because they are not yours, should you not feel a certain way. I treat them like they are mind. I take care of them, they are mine, my little orphans waiting for the right home to come along.  I may never make a difference in some humans life…but I’m alright with that, I’ve made a different in a lot of animals lives. 

In my life animals are a big part of it, taking care of them is my life, to me this is just another day, another day in my life


Aviva Community Fund

Last year was the first year I heard of this, I don’t really understand the concept of how funds like this work. (That would involve numbers and math, and I am just no good at that). But basically what happens is, a bunch of people come up with ideas and what in society would benefit from getting a little extra cash. So Ideas range from youth clubs, kid things, to animal welfare ideas. I guess aviva has a 1 million dollar fund, the willing charities/ideas get a share of the profit.

Last year my animal shelter became a semi- finalist and we won $5,000 for our shelter and the animals. This year we are competing again. It is pretty simple, everyday you go to the web page and you vote, you can vote for one or more cause, and you vote everyday. There is three rounds, we are in round one and last time I checked we ranked #6. There is three more days of round one, I’m positive we will make it to the second around, but you never know how fast things can change.

At the same time, there are animal shelter fighting to get to the top spot, and it makes me sad. Yes, we need the money, but there are also other shelter that REALLY need the money. Is it hypocritical for me to say let us win, but please vote for other shelter as well? After all you can vote for more then one idea, however you only get so many votes, and once you use all your votes, you can not vote until the next round.

So I would like to ask my followers if they would take a few seconds and vote for the shelter I work for, and also for another animal shelter that I feel will benefit greatly from any money they will win. Thank you.

http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf16854     <– The shelter I work for(Moncton SPCA)

http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf17545     <– Quinte Humane Society

Hash Tag Lights For Pets

Sometimes I wonder who invents these things, it’s like one day someone decided today is going to be a day to honor so and so. Out of nowhere yesterday, a post on facebook brough lights for pets to my attention. So on Thursday September 26th, we will all remember and honor the millions of homeless pets in shelters throughout the nation, and to do so, somewhere in your status on facebook with me #lightsforpets.

First of all, I have yet to understand what and where did this “hash tag” has come from. It’s like it just went viral and now everyone is doing it. I don’t think hash tag for pets really went to viral, I did not see much of it on facebook, but I could be wrong, I don’t spend enough time on facebook as everyone thinks I do.

Today on my day off, I went to do what I usually do , spend time with the shelter babies. It was going to be my status for lights for pets. While just hanging about with a little dog, I spotted something with a shelter number that was very familiar to me. A while back I wrote a blog poem called “I couldn’t save you” about a shelter boy I was not able to save and who was euthanized. This thing that I found has his number and name on it. It belonged to him. Now I have his collar, it sits just above my stove in my kitchen, I see it everyday. But seeing this thing that was his, and thinking of him. It brought tears to my eyes. I loved that dog more then anything and tired my best, but that still was not enough. It did not save him.

So my lights for pets will be honoring those in shelter everyone that we have all got attached to and could not save. When our hearts are breaking, and we feel we can not continue what we do. We need to honor those who we have lost just has much as we should honor those who are still with us. Those just waiting, waiting to see what fate has in store for them.

Times Up!

I’ve been finding it hard lately to put my thoughts into words. But I thought a quick post on some different feelings and thoughts might help clear my mind and help with my writing.

You know the other day, about 7 cats/kittens where dropped off at the shelter. The shelter that is already full and no room as it. So of course this meant 7 cat kennels needed to be emptied to make room for the 7 new crates of animals waiting for a spot. Most of us have a hard time picking who should stay and who should go. They all were friends and so nice, some just babies, some just scared. Usually we look for the sick ones, they would just infect the rest with URI or any of disease they might be carrying. But this day, there was no sick ones, and those that were, we had bonded and were trying to save. It is one of the hardest things to do, how do you choose which cat has more priority over the next, who deserves to live? They all do, but there no room, and maybe it is better there last days were spent in a warm blanket with food and water, and someone to snuggle them and love them for the little time they had left. It’s not like this is new. It happens everyday! Everyday someone dies to make room for the next. It’s a sad cycle really.

When I walk into the receiving area, I feel like my life is just on repeat, vaccinate everyone new…. it seems like every time I go in there, they all are new! Like didn’t I just do this yesterday? Yes, yes I did, but yes that’s right, all those other cats came, and needed to make room. 

I don’t really understand how the no kill revolution is suppose to work? What do you do with all these animals? Especially during low adoption peaks, and high in take peaks. Where do they all go? Yes, I would love to see no kill happen, but with the amount of homeless animals out there now, how is it possible! Or is it, you send them to another shelter, and they do that for you? We do send animals to other shelters, after awhile I wonder if people ever inquire about them? Who knows, maybe it will happen, and I  will just have to sit back and wait for it to happen. In the meantime people will drop off there pets, and my life will continue on repeat until that day.

When people say they have a hard job, it makes me laugh. You have a hard job? I just had to pick animals to die? But you have a hard job? Until you have watch little kittens have to be euthanized, who life has just begun, they didn’t stand a chance. Until you witness what man has done to his best friend. I refuse to think anyone has a harder job then those who work in an animal shelter. But yes we do it, because we love them, and will do what we need to, to keep them safe, even if safe means they will be sent to heaven at the end of the day.

To Be Destroyed

To Be Destroyed….

When I hear these words, I just never understand them. Yes I am aware the animal will be killed. But do we need to sound so mean, so heartless. I see tons of facebook post of animals that are to be euthanized for whatever reason, but to use the words “to be destroyed”… Do you lose faith, lose hope in what you believe in when you start using hateful words? Why can’t you say euthanized? Why does it have to be destroyed?

Tell me what you think about the phrase…

Toronto ;)

So I have been very busy lately, took a little hiatus but guess who back. What have I been doing? Well I disappeared to Toronto for a week. Never there before, first time on a plane as well. So let me tell you all about it.

First off the plane ride…. NEVER have I ever been on a plane before and I’m also really terrified of heights and something about a huge hunk of metal up in the sky, just hanging out was a little bit scary. Lucky for me it was just a two hour plane ride…that’s long enough. But the ride went smooth, looking at the clouds and being in the clouds was a whole new experience, seemed peaceful, quiet and calm. The view of looking at the ground from so far up and seeing all the lights and everything just mapped out perfectly was something else. Then we landed. I made it alive!


View from where I was staying. Also very pretty to see lit up at night…but my phone would not take a good quality picture of it and the smog in the air did not help. But on a clear night it was something else


Let’s face it the only thing I really wanted to see was the Toronto Humane Society. It for sure amazed me. It was so big and so clean. Really well done facility. I even went back a second time. I have been considering moving to TO obviously this would be my first choice when on the job hunt. But I’m still thinking about it. Who knows what will happen.


The CN Tower and you can see the skydome peeking out from behind the building. I did not go on the CN tower and I had no motivation or intentions to go up there. Glass floors way up there. No thank you. I’ll save my money and enjoy the view from the bottom.


I went to Center Island/Toronto Island. This island is big and even has an airport right on it. I didn’t visit much on the island just a few things and the beach. There was a few swans hanging around.


This was a nice foundation area, down by city hall. I believe the heads on the post all around the pool each piece represented a part of the Chinese New Year.


I managed to be in Toronto for Canada Day. The CN Tower all lit up at night in the colors of the Canadian flag. I told you I would enjoy the view from the ground. 🙂


City Hall, I thought the building design was pretty neat.


What’s a trip to Toronto without going to a blue jays game. Yes I did go, but for the record I only went to experience the game for my sister who could not be there to go to the game.


the white thing in between the pitcher and the batter…well that’s the ball. I managed to get a picture of it.


The statue represented all the types of fans at a ball game.


Remember the first picture with the trees and showing the tall buildings, well in the trees there was a random farm and of course when I saw these cows I had to take a picture 🙂


I went to a lot of places, and saw a lot of Toronto in just a short time. I also went to the zoo, but all of those pictures will be posted another time. 🙂 I also failed at the 31 days challenge for those keeping up with it, I don’t know if I will be finishing it. But my summer is going good. I will be heading home at the beginning of August to visit my family. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

They Know….


It was one of those days today. I befriended this dog a few weeks ago. He was a cutie, a little nervous of his surroundings but nothing in my eyes that was major concern. Today was his day, to see if he would make it for adoption. Unfortunately he did not make it. I went to go find him, knowing in the back of my head it was not good for him. I found him in his kennel, in a pool of his own drool. He was anxious, he was nervous….. he knew.

As I sat outside of his kennel, with my hand on the fence, he placed his paw up onto my hand. We weren’t very close friends, but I was still his special someone who would take him out for a run every now and then. I told him to sit, he did, give paw, he did, lay down, he did. He kept licking my hand, still drooling. I took him out for one last run, it the dog park, let him off leash and he just ran around, happy.

They know, they all know. Dogs are not dumb. It’s sad to see, when they start doing things out of the ordinary for them. I always see something in those with issues. They have a life before they end up in a shelter, they didn’t just come from nowhere, they all came from somewhere, someones home, someones family, and now they are just a stray with a time limit, and no one comes looking for them….

My heart hurts for them. Especially those ones who are so scared, right up until there last moments. You just want to tell them it’s okay, tell them it is alright, and that you are there for them and not going to hurt them. I looked into the eyes of one of those dogs today. He finally came up to me, let me pet his nose. Those sad scared eyes looking at me. I told him it was going to be okay, he won’t have to be scared anymore, he will finally be at peace soon.

There is so much good that comes from an animal shelter, but behind the scenes there is all these sad moments, sad cases. Days where you just want to quit, because you can’t take it anymore. How do people treat animals so badly. How do you just lose your animal and not bother to look for it, how this and how that. You wouldn’t abandon your child, why is it okay to abandon an animal?