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Aviva Community Fund

Last year was the first year I heard of this, I don’t really understand the concept of how funds like this work. (That would involve numbers and math, and I am just no good at that). But basically what happens is, a bunch of people come up with ideas and what in society would benefit from getting a little extra cash. So Ideas range from youth clubs, kid things, to animal welfare ideas. I guess aviva has a 1 million dollar fund, the willing charities/ideas get a share of the profit.

Last year my animal shelter became a semi- finalist and we won $5,000 for our shelter and the animals. This year we are competing again. It is pretty simple, everyday you go to the web page and you vote, you can vote for one or more cause, and you vote everyday. There is three rounds, we are in round one and last time I checked we ranked #6. There is three more days of round one, I’m positive we will make it to the second around, but you never know how fast things can change.

At the same time, there are animal shelter fighting to get to the top spot, and it makes me sad. Yes, we need the money, but there are also other shelter that REALLY need the money. Is it hypocritical for me to say let us win, but please vote for other shelter as well? After all you can vote for more then one idea, however you only get so many votes, and once you use all your votes, you can not vote until the next round.

So I would like to ask my followers if they would take a few seconds and vote for the shelter I work for, and also for another animal shelter that I feel will benefit greatly from any money they will win. Thank you.

http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf16854     <– The shelter I work for(Moncton SPCA)

http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf17545     <– Quinte Humane Society


Hash Tag Lights For Pets

Sometimes I wonder who invents these things, it’s like one day someone decided today is going to be a day to honor so and so. Out of nowhere yesterday, a post on facebook brough lights for pets to my attention. So on Thursday September 26th, we will all remember and honor the millions of homeless pets in shelters throughout the nation, and to do so, somewhere in your status on facebook with me #lightsforpets.

First of all, I have yet to understand what and where did this “hash tag” has come from. It’s like it just went viral and now everyone is doing it. I don’t think hash tag for pets really went to viral, I did not see much of it on facebook, but I could be wrong, I don’t spend enough time on facebook as everyone thinks I do.

Today on my day off, I went to do what I usually do , spend time with the shelter babies. It was going to be my status for lights for pets. While just hanging about with a little dog, I spotted something with a shelter number that was very familiar to me. A while back I wrote a blog poem called “I couldn’t save you” about a shelter boy I was not able to save and who was euthanized. This thing that I found has his number and name on it. It belonged to him. Now I have his collar, it sits just above my stove in my kitchen, I see it everyday. But seeing this thing that was his, and thinking of him. It brought tears to my eyes. I loved that dog more then anything and tired my best, but that still was not enough. It did not save him.

So my lights for pets will be honoring those in shelter everyone that we have all got attached to and could not save. When our hearts are breaking, and we feel we can not continue what we do. We need to honor those who we have lost just has much as we should honor those who are still with us. Those just waiting, waiting to see what fate has in store for them.

When People Get Insulted When You Delete Them From Facebook….

As the world become so ridiculously dumb, that when someone deleted you from facebook, your first reaction is to block them. Honestly, and it’s always those people who don’t like you, so you get mad and block them, so they can never ever see your facebook, see any comments you make, you just don’t exist to them anymore. Do we really need that  many fake ass friends?

If I delete you from facebook, its because I don’t like you, you don’t like me, you do nothing but talk bad about me, you start liking my pictures like were friends and commenting all nice thing…when really your a moron and all you do is talk shit and you don’t think I am aware of it. So I delete you and you get upset asking your friends if I deleted them and your all insulted, So then you block me so I can see anything. When really if I wanted to, I’d just make a fake account and see everything…Oh wait I already have one of those 🙂   It kinda funny because there a few people who have blocked me because I deleted them, like really I don’t need fake facebook friends thank you very much. And then only time I notice is when I need to message someone about something important to do with work, or something else along those lines, and you can’t find them. Or your creeping things on the fake account and up pops all their messages and comments on things. It actually entertaining to watch….

Are people that obsessed with facebook that they get mad when you unfriend them. WE WEREN’T FRIENDS IN THE FIRST PLACE! WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FACEBOOK FRIEND!…..

It’s so funny, I can sit and giggle about it all day…. it is actually entertaining….Image

Professional Facebooker

Professional Facebooker is something I made up. Well I don’t know if I really made it up, but it refers to those people who sit at work all day and do nothing but sit on facebook. So basically they are getting paid to sit on facebook all day, while the rest of us are working our butts off. It’s like the phone ringing, but having a conversation with so and so is much more important. Someone has entered the door, but commenting on a thread on a facebook page comes first then greeting your customers. ITS SO ANNOYING!

I feel like someone could be dying and it’s like oh no I got to check my comments first. When does this ever stop? As far as I see it social media does not belong in the work place. Unless you are a promoter or some sort of marketing person, where your audience is facebook, but even then, is it necessary to be on facebook all dam day!

Then you have those work jobs, like mine, where you see someone saying something completely negative about your work and how things are run on some facebook group. But you are not allowed to comment, we can not defend ourselves to social media,and really it does make you look better if your not on there trolling people. But then you have your professional facebookers on there defending the job. NO! go to work, do your job that you got hired to do. Let people rant and rave, no matter what you say will not change their opinion, so shut up and get to work!

It’s pretty bad if the internet logs show facebook as the number one site being used, and not your company site or whatever. It’s like people have nothing else to do but sit on facebook, like what were you doing before facebook? Maybe doing your job? Maybe just walking around doing nothing? When you go to work and open up the internet browser and open facebook up BEFORE you do anything else, then something is really wrong.

There some people who I think should have Professional Facebooker as their job title on their resumes, because they are clearly not doing anything else that qualifies them for their job when all they can do is be on facebook all day long. That is my rant for this long day!