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Just Another Day

It’s though sometimes, some days you give up hope, on society, on people, on everything. Compared to last winter at work, there has been so many dogs, non stop, every time there one empty…there two more dogs to occupy the spot. Its overwhelming to see. Every day there cats that need to be euthanized for various reason, either sick, injured, or just because we need the space.

Yeah most of my day is spent cleaning shit. But I see these animals everyday, talk to them in a high pitched squeeky voice. Laugh when they do something silly, like steal toys from the toy box, pee on something they shouldn’t be peeing on. Get annoyed when that dog that has been here forever, uses your arm as a human chew toy. I would never want to see anything bad happen to any of them. I want to see them all succeed. After all they aren’t here because they choose to be. Their here because we have put them here, “a puppy was too much, he eat everything, he pees on the floor, new baby, new life, moving, no time” there always an excuse. Yes, I am aware I have a job because society put them here. 

I have nor will I ever give up on an animal. I see the good in all of them. I see the work some need more then others. I’m not happy or excited about an animal that fails or that doesn’t make it out alive. I don’t wish death on any of them. Sadly some will not make it out alive. But I can’t lose it and break down everyday. You need to be strong but you don’t need to be hollow.

I worry and often question those who show no remorse, no sadness, nothing, no caring. Do you hide those emotions? Or are they just not their? Is this just a job? Maybe to some people it is just a job, something you do to get by. Yeah I’m just getting by to… but at the end of the day, I have this happy feeling of knowing I have made a different for that sad lonely animal, It makes me happy inside to see them happy to see me. It makes me sad to see them sad and afraid.

Some say it is different when it is your own pets. So what are you saying? Just because they are not yours, should you not feel a certain way. I treat them like they are mind. I take care of them, they are mine, my little orphans waiting for the right home to come along.  I may never make a difference in some humans life…but I’m alright with that, I’ve made a different in a lot of animals lives. 

In my life animals are a big part of it, taking care of them is my life, to me this is just another day, another day in my life


They Know….


It was one of those days today. I befriended this dog a few weeks ago. He was a cutie, a little nervous of his surroundings but nothing in my eyes that was major concern. Today was his day, to see if he would make it for adoption. Unfortunately he did not make it. I went to go find him, knowing in the back of my head it was not good for him. I found him in his kennel, in a pool of his own drool. He was anxious, he was nervous….. he knew.

As I sat outside of his kennel, with my hand on the fence, he placed his paw up onto my hand. We weren’t very close friends, but I was still his special someone who would take him out for a run every now and then. I told him to sit, he did, give paw, he did, lay down, he did. He kept licking my hand, still drooling. I took him out for one last run, it the dog park, let him off leash and he just ran around, happy.

They know, they all know. Dogs are not dumb. It’s sad to see, when they start doing things out of the ordinary for them. I always see something in those with issues. They have a life before they end up in a shelter, they didn’t just come from nowhere, they all came from somewhere, someones home, someones family, and now they are just a stray with a time limit, and no one comes looking for them….

My heart hurts for them. Especially those ones who are so scared, right up until there last moments. You just want to tell them it’s okay, tell them it is alright, and that you are there for them and not going to hurt them. I looked into the eyes of one of those dogs today. He finally came up to me, let me pet his nose. Those sad scared eyes looking at me. I told him it was going to be okay, he won’t have to be scared anymore, he will finally be at peace soon.

There is so much good that comes from an animal shelter, but behind the scenes there is all these sad moments, sad cases. Days where you just want to quit, because you can’t take it anymore. How do people treat animals so badly. How do you just lose your animal and not bother to look for it, how this and how that. You wouldn’t abandon your child, why is it okay to abandon an animal?

I couldn’t save you


Spent three days trying to get to know you
Hoping you’d see life wasn’t so blue
Gaining your trust was a must.
Hours of just sitting on the ground
While you just growled and looked around
Yes I am here, I was always there.
Spent an hour reading your files
Your owners drove for miles
To give you a life that would be better
Even I never thought I’d be writting this letter
You stole my heart, in the end it was ripped apart
Left for the pieces to mend, I was left without my friend
I couldn’t save you, I really wanted too
I saw more in you then just your troubled dog
Sometimes I hear your bark through the fog
It’s hard to be a pitbull in a world where you have been ban
Society has become a hard thing to understand.
Because of that it has failed you
You are no longer here, and now I am blue
Some days I just don’t know what to do.
It helps to know I made your last days fun
playing frisbee in the sun,outside for a run.
I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, believe me I tried
Many saddened tears I have cried.
I’m sorry I wasn’t the last thing you’d see
I really wish it was me
But I wasn’t there, and don’t ever feel like I didn’t care
The reason I can not share, but you know why
As time goes by, I’ll always think of you.
You won’t be the last to grab my heart,
or the last to watch it fall apart.
But it will mend, and another dog I will be friend
and the cycle will start all over again.
I try my best to stay true,
There will always be a part of me
that is sad I couldn’t save you.


He was not euthanized because of the ban, but he had come from a place where there was a ban, and sent for a chance at the shelter, unfortunately with his background history and not passing our temperament test, he could not be placed for adoption, sadly he was euthanized. I loved this dog like one of my own, I love them all, sadly you can’t save them all, but you can make their time with you wonderful and fun and worth wild, and this is what I did for him<3

It’s That Time of Season….Hunting Season

I’ve never been a big fan of hunting deer, moose, or any of wild animals hunters like to hunt. I just don’t see the “sport” in killing an innocent animal. But of course there are many men and women who would say different.

It’s like a game to some people, spot the deer, be very quiet, am and shoot! If your lucky you will have killed it in one shot. If your not lucky it would have wander away from you and ran into the woods. In some cases you would have shot the animal but it still be alive and in pain.

In most places as far as I know its illegal to kill the doe, seeing how we would need her to produce more offspring to keep the animals from going extinct.

I often wonder if hunting in the near future will bring extinction to these beautiful creatures and other creatures alike.

I was reading about hunting laws in Canada, while trying to make this blog on more then just my opinion of the hunting sport and came across a post saying how legal hunting does not endanger wildlife, but more helps keep the numbers low and sustainable.  Maybe this is true, maybe since I am not a hunter myself I am not aware of how great the numbers of wildlife animals that are hunted really are? Maybe as an animal lover I do not see the big picture that government and hunter see. 

According to an article I also read, the funds from hunting go to saving and protecting the wildlife. I find this kind of funny how you can kill the animal and the funds used to purchase the gun and the license and whatever else you need for hunting, goes to protecting the wildlife animals that you are killing.

I had a conversation the other day with a friend, who was telling me how he was purchasing his gun to get ready for the hunting season. During our conversation he mention to me how he has no trouble killing a deer or a moose. But when it came to a bunny rabbit, he just could not do it. To him a rabbit was to much like a cat. He could never bring himself to shoot one.

I found this very interesting and made me wonder if other hunters had these kind of feelings. If an animal in the wild looks like a common household pet, could they not be able to kill it for that reason. I don’t know if there are many like that but it does make you think.

I would never consider a hunter heartless, as they are just normal human beings with a different opinion towards wild animals. I just don’t understand and may never know what goes through their minds right before they kill an innocent animal. Do they have any remorse for something that was just alive moments earlier. Or are they just excited for the kill and to take the animal home as a prize.

I do understand the circle of life, and maybe hunting as just become a part of that. This time each year as I see the hunters getting their gear together, and heading off into the woods, my heart aches for those creatures who have no idea what waits for them. But I guess that is just part of the circle of life.




A Shelter Story…Good-bye

My mommy left me a month ago
Sitting here without a home
I watched her cry and walk away
In this cage is now where I stay
Behind these steal gates I watch her go

Nervous and scared here I am
Sitting and wishing I was with them
Now here I am with one meal a day
Wishing she come take me home to play

Mommy moved and left me here,
couldn’t take me, knowing life ain’t fair
This is suppose to be for the better
and sometimes I wish I hadn’t met her

Then I wouldn’t have to say goodbye
left in the kennel wondering why
Here I am left to find a new place to rome
wishing someone would take me home

Days go by and nights get long
wishing and hoping, trying to stay strong
People pass without a glance
I wish someone would give me a chance

Take me home and I’ll be your friend
Take me home before my life comes to an end
But no one wants me they don’t care
or wonder why I ended up here

My days are number as my life gets short
no one there for support
Out of the kennel they took me today
maybe heaven is a better place to stay

The staff take me away,
telling me its gonna be okay
As they hug me I see tears in ones eye
as she softly whispers I’m sorry …I tried

Within seconds I am put to rest
maybe its for the best
One empty cage means room for another
who had to leave their mother

Because of problems were they had to move
leaving the puppy in the pound
with nothing to prove
Just waiting for his time to come around

So this is for every animal that had to die
For every animal who’s owner didn’t even have a reason why
For every stray left for dead
As responsible owners lay home with their animal tucked in bed

Next time you walk in a shelter and walk away
from the ugly dog who can sit and stay
Remember without help he might not see another day
so take em home, save his life, and watch him obey

Because that’s all we ever wanted was your love
Not to be looked after by shelter staff in gloves
But to be owned by someone who is true
Somebody kind enough to love you like I do

Wrote this poem back in 2007, after a dog I had befriended at the animal shelter I volunteered at was put to sleep. I still think about that dog to this day.

Hunting for the Perfect Job

Is there really anything out as the perfect job? What defines the perfect job anyways? Is it something you really like doing, Is it the way you interact with your co-workers or clients, or is it just that you love getting up in the morning and going to that job?, I’m not quiet sure. As a recent graduate, I am currently searching for that perfect job, however my perfect job would be working at a veterinary clinic. Why? Well seeing how I just spent the last three years of my life in school studying in the veterinary field, I would imagine being a veterinary technician would be my perfect job. I love animals and enjoy teaching clients about animal health and care. I just really enjoy all the work involved in taking care of sick animals or helping monitor patients during routine surgical procedures. But of course while applying for these position I also need to take care of myself and of course my dog, in doing so I need a job regardless if clinics in the area are hiring or not. So while I run around applying to clinics and praying one will hire me(or call for an interview at least) I need to find a job to support myself.
As I do so in this search I have come across areas I enjoy such as, well animals. I have applied at pets stores in the area, had an interview but no luck :(. I want a job where I can be happy at it and comfortable, because lets face it, if its not at a vet clinic I’m just not going to be happy. Should I be a waitress? tips would be great but do I really want to deal with rude people and serve them food all day. Should I work in a fast food joint? Hell no! And not because I don’t think it’s a good job or anything, but I just don’t want to get fat and I enjoy food I must admit! But I have this fear if I go to work at a fast food place I will end up bring home food every night, eating it on my lunch breaks and then leading to me gaining weight. Or what about being a store cashier?..standing there all day ringing in peoples items repeating the same phrases, you know the ones “found everything your looking for today”. I must say I hate that phrase! Clearly if I am at the check out then yes I have found everything I’m looking for..If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be there, would I?
Now I’m not trying to put down anyone who works any type of the fields I have ranted about or any other field that doesn’t involve animals. If you are happy where you are then great! I wish you all the best. It’s just not something I want to do, nor is it for everybody.
I’m just starting to wonder, how many people out there are doing the job they do everyday because they love it? or because they have to do it, not that they want to but they have to, in order to support themselves and their families. Am I being selfish for wanting to do what I love to do, and hate to settle for less, even though I will need to pay next month rent and I need a job! Sure my boyfriend will help out and pay the rent until I get a job, but I enjoy being able to help and be independent and he enjoys that quality in me.