Toronto ;)

So I have been very busy lately, took a little hiatus but guess who back. What have I been doing? Well I disappeared to Toronto for a week. Never there before, first time on a plane as well. So let me tell you all about it.

First off the plane ride…. NEVER have I ever been on a plane before and I’m also really terrified of heights and something about a huge hunk of metal up in the sky, just hanging out was a little bit scary. Lucky for me it was just a two hour plane ride…that’s long enough. But the ride went smooth, looking at the clouds and being in the clouds was a whole new experience, seemed peaceful, quiet and calm. The view of looking at the ground from so far up and seeing all the lights and everything just mapped out perfectly was something else. Then we landed. I made it alive!


View from where I was staying. Also very pretty to see lit up at night…but my phone would not take a good quality picture of it and the smog in the air did not help. But on a clear night it was something else


Let’s face it the only thing I really wanted to see was the Toronto Humane Society. It for sure amazed me. It was so big and so clean. Really well done facility. I even went back a second time. I have been considering moving to TO obviously this would be my first choice when on the job hunt. But I’m still thinking about it. Who knows what will happen.


The CN Tower and you can see the skydome peeking out from behind the building. I did not go on the CN tower and I had no motivation or intentions to go up there. Glass floors way up there. No thank you. I’ll save my money and enjoy the view from the bottom.


I went to Center Island/Toronto Island. This island is big and even has an airport right on it. I didn’t visit much on the island just a few things and the beach. There was a few swans hanging around.


This was a nice foundation area, down by city hall. I believe the heads on the post all around the pool each piece represented a part of the Chinese New Year.


I managed to be in Toronto for Canada Day. The CN Tower all lit up at night in the colors of the Canadian flag. I told you I would enjoy the view from the ground. πŸ™‚


City Hall, I thought the building design was pretty neat.


What’s a trip to Toronto without going to a blue jays game. Yes I did go, but for the record I only went to experience the game for my sister who could not be there to go to the game.


the white thing in between the pitcher and the batter…well that’s the ball. I managed to get a picture of it.


The statue represented all the types of fans at a ball game.


Remember the first picture with the trees and showing the tall buildings, well in the trees there was a random farm and of course when I saw these cows I had to take a picture πŸ™‚


I went to a lot of places, and saw a lot of Toronto in just a short time. I also went to the zoo, but all of those pictures will be posted another time. πŸ™‚ I also failed at the 31 days challenge for those keeping up with it, I don’t know if I will be finishing it. But my summer is going good. I will be heading home at the beginning of August to visit my family. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


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