When People Get Insulted When You Delete Them From Facebook….

As the world become so ridiculously dumb, that when someone deleted you from facebook, your first reaction is to block them. Honestly, and it’s always those people who don’t like you, so you get mad and block them, so they can never ever see your facebook, see any comments you make, you just don’t exist to them anymore. Do we really need that  many fake ass friends?

If I delete you from facebook, its because I don’t like you, you don’t like me, you do nothing but talk bad about me, you start liking my pictures like were friends and commenting all nice thing…when really your a moron and all you do is talk shit and you don’t think I am aware of it. So I delete you and you get upset asking your friends if I deleted them and your all insulted, So then you block me so I can see anything. When really if I wanted to, I’d just make a fake account and see everything…Oh wait I already have one of those 🙂   It kinda funny because there a few people who have blocked me because I deleted them, like really I don’t need fake facebook friends thank you very much. And then only time I notice is when I need to message someone about something important to do with work, or something else along those lines, and you can’t find them. Or your creeping things on the fake account and up pops all their messages and comments on things. It actually entertaining to watch….

Are people that obsessed with facebook that they get mad when you unfriend them. WE WEREN’T FRIENDS IN THE FIRST PLACE! WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FACEBOOK FRIEND!…..

It’s so funny, I can sit and giggle about it all day…. it is actually entertaining….Image


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