Professional Facebooker

Professional Facebooker is something I made up. Well I don’t know if I really made it up, but it refers to those people who sit at work all day and do nothing but sit on facebook. So basically they are getting paid to sit on facebook all day, while the rest of us are working our butts off. It’s like the phone ringing, but having a conversation with so and so is much more important. Someone has entered the door, but commenting on a thread on a facebook page comes first then greeting your customers. ITS SO ANNOYING!

I feel like someone could be dying and it’s like oh no I got to check my comments first. When does this ever stop? As far as I see it social media does not belong in the work place. Unless you are a promoter or some sort of marketing person, where your audience is facebook, but even then, is it necessary to be on facebook all dam day!

Then you have those work jobs, like mine, where you see someone saying something completely negative about your work and how things are run on some facebook group. But you are not allowed to comment, we can not defend ourselves to social media,and really it does make you look better if your not on there trolling people. But then you have your professional facebookers on there defending the job. NO! go to work, do your job that you got hired to do. Let people rant and rave, no matter what you say will not change their opinion, so shut up and get to work!

It’s pretty bad if the internet logs show facebook as the number one site being used, and not your company site or whatever. It’s like people have nothing else to do but sit on facebook, like what were you doing before facebook? Maybe doing your job? Maybe just walking around doing nothing? When you go to work and open up the internet browser and open facebook up BEFORE you do anything else, then something is really wrong.

There some people who I think should have Professional Facebooker as their job title on their resumes, because they are clearly not doing anything else that qualifies them for their job when all they can do is be on facebook all day long. That is my rant for this long day!



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