Rex is in need of a home<3


Meet Rex! He is for sure something else!

He is a Lab/Pit mix. He was surrender to the shelter in September 2012, not 100 percent sure on the reason why he was surrendered. My first impression of Rex, was this big dog with no manners at all. He would jump all over you, no matter how many times you pushed him off, back up he go. He does have a lot of energy, but what else do you expect from a 1 year old dog. He is actually a very smart boy, he does need some leash work, but once he has your attention he does make a good impression.Image

I have grown to love this boy! I see him well everyday, and have seen him everyday since September, so even with his badness he still makes me smile! This boy is going to need a home with someone who can work with him and have patience. It is preferred that he go to a home with no kids, no other dogs, or no cats. However I feel depending on how knowledgeable anyone who is interested in Rex, I am sure exceptions can be made, and it has been made in the pasted for other animals as well. We want nothing but the best homes for them and want to see them succeed in their new homes. Rex deserves a great home. I passed his photo around facebook a few months ago without any luck. I thought I would try to post it here, as I do have Canadian Viewers who visit my blog.

There is a home out there for this sweet little boy. He is patiently waiting.


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