Can I take them all home?

When working with animals, it’s so hard to not get attached to them. You can not save them all, no matter how hard you try. Living in an apartment, I am limited to how many I can foster at one time, it’s funny because those ones that touch my heart, tend to come in packs. It’s like I want to save this one, and that one, and those ones, and can I take that one, that one and this one all home and work with them. It’s never just one dog that shows up and I am just attached to, it is always a few at a time.

I currently have two on my list, who I want to help if they don’t pass their temperament test. Those two dogs are so lovely, one is a little nervous and still not sure what he thinks of the shelter yet. I can not post any pictures of them or any information until they become available for adoption, or make their way into my home.

Lots of people always ask me how do I bring them into my home and can just let them go so easy. It’s not easy at all, that is for sure. But what would be harder. Leaving them to be euthanized at the shelter because of a problem that may possibly be fixable and trying to save the animals life, or just letting the animal be euthanized and not doing anything at all to help? Yes I know I can’t help them all…but if my home is empty and I have the space, why wouldn’t I try?

I know my limits and I know what I can, and what I can not handle. If I can take them on, I will, and it will be, because I know or I feel I can help them or at least try. I have not had a foster dog since marley, she was very hard for me to give up. I wanted to keep her, but I just did not have the room for her, and three dogs in my apartment just would not work. I still think of her and I am glad I was able to make a difference in her life and keep her alive and help her find her forever home.

It is exhausting, when you work 8 hour shifts and come home and your still working because now you have your animals, and whatever fosters that are in the house to take care of. It doesn’t end when you leave the shelter. The work continues. As long as there are shelter overpopulated with animals, and homeless pets, the work will always continue.



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