I Saved Her<3

Marley’s first days at the shelter. Sad eyes

Marley came into my life around November, when she was surrender to the shelter. My first glance of her was on a regular saturday shift, I had gone into one of the dog rooms, and there she was. She was so scared and terrified, she had open wounds on her leg from where she got into a fight with another dog. This was the reason for surrendering, she didn’t like other dogs and some of her scars were assumed to be previous fights. I felt she didn’t trust us, scared and nervous in a strange place with so many smells and so many animals, it has to be nerve wrecking for animals.

I have to admit I myself was a little nervous of her, but my heart does have a spot for the nervous and scared ones. I slowly befriended marley and gained her trust, and she start to accept her surroundings and became comfortable in the shelter. I spent my days off at the shelter with her, would come in early to see her and spend what little time I could with her.

It’s hard not to get attached to animals, when you see them everyday, you interact with them everyday, love them, care for them, and just act silly around them. It’s hard when some don’t make it, for various of reasons. As I was becoming close with Marley, another girl who had been at the shelter since I start was being euthanized, due to behavioral changes. It broke my heart, and I broke down into tears over it. After she was gone, I needed a minute so I went to Marley kennel and just sat with her. She licked my face and sat on my lap. As if she knew…I think she knew.

Animals at our shelter need to pass a temperament test before they are placed up for adoption. If the animal does not pass, the animal is humanely euthanized, or placed in foster care to be work with and help them succeed…or sent to a rescue or another shelter that had more time to work with her. I had always feared Marley would never pass, after three months in the shelter, she did not pass, due to a fear of strangers. Being afraid of strangers means she has the ability to bite out of fear, and if she ever bit a volunteer or a customer, under the NB law, she would have to be euthanized.

image Marley ended up coming home with me. With lots of scare from other saying I was crazy to bring her near my little dogs because of her history. I knew her her history, I seen how she was with the other animals, I felt and trusted her enough to know she would be fine. I did take caution just in case. My shihtzu with an attitude, was sent to a friends, and Marley and my little girl Missy gradually met. They ended up being great friends, and Marley proved a lot of people wrong. After a month in my care, a shelter was ready for her. I went with her, and was sad to see her leave but happy she was getting a chance to prove to everyone what I already knew. She was a good dog. The other shelter worked with her, she made a dog friend there, and was adopted to a new home within just ONE week!…

I had been told one of the main reason she was still here, was because of me. With so many animals entering shelter everywhere, you can’t save all of them. She was the first one I saved, and will forever hold a place in my heart. I think about her often and know she doing great in her new home.



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