Because I Felt Like Ranting Today

Today I have a ton of issues on my mind… First of all yes the SPCA drama is still going on, however it looks like there will be a court date for 16th of december. So until then I don’t have much more say..other then SOME PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT UP….ugggh I am so sick of hearing people bash the shelter and staff…Also sick of reading comments from a certain provinical why are you commenting on news articles on…. don’t you have a job to do!! Some of the childish comments I have read are enough to make me wonder why this people is even on the board. I don’t see the Shelter Staff commenting anywhere…or any other provinical members for that matter. Just goes to show some people are big time attention seekers.

Now I’m sure I’m going to get people who will be like “I’m tired of your ranting” “blah blah blah”…Then get off my blog as far as I’m concerned..I am entitled to my own opinion as is everyone else…But when it comes to people acting so childish and making up lies, all for the attention, it just makes me sick.

I have had my blog site since the summer, way before the spca drama, I just didn’t use it to much. It is true I have gotten a lot of views (over 600) since the spca articles, but this is just an easy way for me to tell you my side, as leaving long articles on a facebook group to be deleted is just silly.

SPEAKING OF…messages on groups being deleted.. I am no long allowed to comment on the Friends of the Sydney SPCA group..they also removed me, I am blocked from commenting on anything and picking up for the staff (which is what I usually do)..It’s pretty sad the staff aren’t allowed to defend themselves or people can’t defend the staff. But yet some of these members are on the Cape Breton Humane Society Facebook page..and are complaining their messages are getting deleted…Are you kidding me?? Your getting made because the shelter deleted your messages, when you turn around and do the same thing… Now I am not an admin of the Cape Breton Humane Society page..and probably a good thing to..because I would have some(not all of friends block..there are some good ones, we all must admit that..not all are attention seekers and hating on the staff) blocked… I don’t understand why they choose to be on the group when they hate them shelter and staff so much?


Moving on…To help make my christmas so much better… guess who is not going home… MEEE… 😦

Why? Because acadian bus lines, decided the holiday season is the best time to go on strike…thanks. So maybe I’ll return to the island after christmas. But in away its okay because, one of my two jobs sucks to the point where I am never working. Why do you hire people and never have the working. Here how the call center goes, you have to call in and see if you are working..on the days I told them I can work, since the last 3 weeks, I have worked like 3 times. THREE TIMES!! and I am not working this weekend either. Thank god for the second job to help me pay my bills and that…. Anyways enough of that.

So this was my rant for today… no pictures or anything because I just didn’t feel like it today…. Happy Reading 🙂



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