Somewhere Over the Rainbow…Bridge

For those who are not familiar with the Rainbow Bridge, this is where animals go when they pass away. To a place , much like the picture where they live in peace with each other, dogs , cats, rabbits, you name it. The sad part of the story for most pet owners, is that while the animal is at rainbow bridge, they are waiting…waiting for the day when they meet there loved ones again.

I am a huge animal lover, and this is the part that makes me sad, I’ve lost many animals in my life, my own pets, friends pets, and animals at the animal shelter that I befriended. I do hope to someday meet up with all of them when my time comes. I am sure there will be tons more in my life.

Animals are now considered to be part of the family, instead of just the house pet. To lots of the population including myself, I consider my pet to be my child. For anyone who has lost a family member can understand how hard losing a pet is.

It is tough with animals, sometimes they become ill, and euthanizing becomes a hard question for pet owners to answer. The only one able to answer if it is the right choice or not is the owner. No one knows that animal better then its’ owner. Only that person can tell the quality of life for the animal and if it is the right choice or not. Sometimes it is really hard that you just wish the animal could tell you if they are in pain or not.

For anyone who has ever owned animal, can understand just how much love and joy they bring, and when it is their time to cross over to the bridge, it becomes the most hardest choice and time in a pet owners life. However it is very important to remember the joy and fun and great times you have shared with the animal, I thinking knowing you gave the animal the best life it could have, becomes the greatest thing you could have done. Animals love unconditionally and returning that to the animal is all an animal can ask for.


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