It’s That Time of Season….Hunting Season

I’ve never been a big fan of hunting deer, moose, or any of wild animals hunters like to hunt. I just don’t see the “sport” in killing an innocent animal. But of course there are many men and women who would say different.

It’s like a game to some people, spot the deer, be very quiet, am and shoot! If your lucky you will have killed it in one shot. If your not lucky it would have wander away from you and ran into the woods. In some cases you would have shot the animal but it still be alive and in pain.

In most places as far as I know its illegal to kill the doe, seeing how we would need her to produce more offspring to keep the animals from going extinct.

I often wonder if hunting in the near future will bring extinction to these beautiful creatures and other creatures alike.

I was reading about hunting laws in Canada, while trying to make this blog on more then just my opinion of the hunting sport and came across a post saying how legal hunting does not endanger wildlife, but more helps keep the numbers low and sustainable.  Maybe this is true, maybe since I am not a hunter myself I am not aware of how great the numbers of wildlife animals that are hunted really are? Maybe as an animal lover I do not see the big picture that government and hunter see. 

According to an article I also read, the funds from hunting go to saving and protecting the wildlife. I find this kind of funny how you can kill the animal and the funds used to purchase the gun and the license and whatever else you need for hunting, goes to protecting the wildlife animals that you are killing.

I had a conversation the other day with a friend, who was telling me how he was purchasing his gun to get ready for the hunting season. During our conversation he mention to me how he has no trouble killing a deer or a moose. But when it came to a bunny rabbit, he just could not do it. To him a rabbit was to much like a cat. He could never bring himself to shoot one.

I found this very interesting and made me wonder if other hunters had these kind of feelings. If an animal in the wild looks like a common household pet, could they not be able to kill it for that reason. I don’t know if there are many like that but it does make you think.

I would never consider a hunter heartless, as they are just normal human beings with a different opinion towards wild animals. I just don’t understand and may never know what goes through their minds right before they kill an innocent animal. Do they have any remorse for something that was just alive moments earlier. Or are they just excited for the kill and to take the animal home as a prize.

I do understand the circle of life, and maybe hunting as just become a part of that. This time each year as I see the hunters getting their gear together, and heading off into the woods, my heart aches for those creatures who have no idea what waits for them. But I guess that is just part of the circle of life.





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