What Makes A Women Sexy

What is sexy? If you google a definition of sexy you get this as a definition:


adjective /ˈseksē/
sexier, comparative; sexiest, superlative

  • Sexually attractive or exciting
    • sexy French underwear
  • Sexually aroused
    • – neither of them was feeling sexy
  • Exciting; appealing
    • – I’ve climbed most of the really sexy west coast mountains
I had recently asked a guy while walking down the street how would he define sexy. In his opinion sexy wasn’t just the gorgeous skinny blonde with the big boobs walking down the street. Sexy was built more on the way a women handled herself,the career women, who could take care of herself and didn’t need anyone else; was the sexy women
As women we often find ourselves struggling with looks to be ideal for everyone. We want to be perfect and be up to date with fashion and anything that makes us look appealing to someone.
Some men will say sexy is all about looks and how a girl shows off her features. We all know men don’t just go to those bars with all the women working in short shorts and tight shirt just because they have good drinks. They go not only for the drinks but because of those “sexy” girls that work there. Which is great for business. But what about the girlfriends/wives of these men who are a little insecure about their own looks and have to watch their men trying not to stare at these girls prancing around.
Insecurity may not be sexy, but what really makes a girl sexy?
  • Maybe it is the independent women who doesn’t need a man or anyone around to complete herself.
  • Maybe it is the tall girl with the pretty face and nice features.
  • Maybe it is the average girl who is just being herself.
Nobody is perfect that’s for sure and maybe sexy just isn’t all that perfect either.
I would be really interest in knowing what my readers define as sexy, please leave a comment and let me know your opinion. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “What Makes A Women Sexy

    • thank you!, I wasn’t to sure if I wrote it good or not!…could have done better but hard to put into words what I really wanted to say!

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