Earthlings Review

I recently watched this documentary which was a very moving story(I’m not even sure if you would call it a story). The documentary tells you about the relationships between humans and animals in categories such as Pets, Food, Clothing, Entertainment and Science.

With hidden cameras they go behind the scenes of what humanity has done to animals. To how we have domesticated animals and now have shelters over run with animals because of irresponsible owners who won’t spay or neuter their pets.

As a pet owner myself and someone who used to spend a lot of time at an animal shelter. I’ve seen the sadness behind an over populated place fill with unwanted animals and what the faith is for many. Although the word has been spread numerous times to please spay and neuter your pets, somehow some people won’t listen for whatever reason and the cycle of unwanted pets continues.

A lot of animal shelters and no kill shelters are looking for a day when there will be no more homeless pets and I stand behind them and hope that some day the over population of animals will stop, but for now advocates continue to fight.

The food industry is one that I tend to stay way from videos and stories, like many people I do eat meat and I am one who puts the slaughter behind me and does not like to think about what happened to the pig or cow that ended up on my plate. However I have seen footage of animal abuse in slaughter houses but none that has moved me as what I witness in this movie. It is amazing to see how people treat these helpless animals and how cruel one can be. The whole time while watching the section on food industry I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person can do this and no feel any remorse or anything. It was simply shocking.

If there is any industry I can’t stand its the fur industry. I don’t understand why anyone wants to go out and buy a leather jacket or a mink coat or anything with fur or skin for that matter. But to watch how the animals are tortured for everyday wear is unbelievable!

It hurts to see animals at the circus. Although I have never been to an animal circus and trust me I don’t plan on. I’ve seen plenty of videos and just things that don’t make since to me.Why on earth do you need to have elephants dancing around and tigers sitting on chairs and animal doing things that aren’t in their nature. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?. Wildlife animals belong in the wild and not dancing around for our entertainment.

I do not mind going to zoos I enjoy seeing the different animals and creatures but after I watched this documentary it made me kinda rethink. Are these animals happy? Should they even be here? Really it is just for our amusement right? I don’t think I will go to another zoo again without wondering if this is really okay?

I think hunting is just ridiculous, its bad enough we have slaughter houses torturing the animals we eat everyday. Do you really need to go out there and kill the innocent deers , rabbits, and squirrels…oh and lets not forget about the tigers and animals that are almost extinct thanks to hunters.

Overall this documentary is amazing and an eye opener to people who don’t really know what is going on in society and how animals are being treated. Really it is humans who have ruined the world for animals and humans are killing off many of our amazing creatures. There is what like only 5000 or some (and I could be wrong on the number) of tigers left in the world.

What about the polar bears? Thanks to us creating global warming and fishing, now the ice is melting and there’s no fish for them to eat. As humans we are killing the environment that once belongs to the animals.

It’s sad to see how animals are being treated and how much hurt we have cost them. Is it greed? or is it that humans have lost compassion?

I tried not to spoil the movie for anyone but I do recommend that you watch this film and see for yourself and I understand if it maybe hard for some to watched. I cried a lot watching this film, but it really makes you think.

Click the picture to check it out.


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