Hunting for the Perfect Job

Is there really anything out as the perfect job? What defines the perfect job anyways? Is it something you really like doing, Is it the way you interact with your co-workers or clients, or is it just that you love getting up in the morning and going to that job?, I’m not quiet sure. As a recent graduate, I am currently searching for that perfect job, however my perfect job would be working at a veterinary clinic. Why? Well seeing how I just spent the last three years of my life in school studying in the veterinary field, I would imagine being a veterinary technician would be my perfect job. I love animals and enjoy teaching clients about animal health and care. I just really enjoy all the work involved in taking care of sick animals or helping monitor patients during routine surgical procedures. But of course while applying for these position I also need to take care of myself and of course my dog, in doing so I need a job regardless if clinics in the area are hiring or not. So while I run around applying to clinics and praying one will hire me(or call for an interview at least) I need to find a job to support myself.
As I do so in this search I have come across areas I enjoy such as, well animals. I have applied at pets stores in the area, had an interview but no luck :(. I want a job where I can be happy at it and comfortable, because lets face it, if its not at a vet clinic I’m just not going to be happy. Should I be a waitress? tips would be great but do I really want to deal with rude people and serve them food all day. Should I work in a fast food joint? Hell no! And not because I don’t think it’s a good job or anything, but I just don’t want to get fat and I enjoy food I must admit! But I have this fear if I go to work at a fast food place I will end up bring home food every night, eating it on my lunch breaks and then leading to me gaining weight. Or what about being a store cashier?..standing there all day ringing in peoples items repeating the same phrases, you know the ones “found everything your looking for today”. I must say I hate that phrase! Clearly if I am at the check out then yes I have found everything I’m looking for..If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be there, would I?
Now I’m not trying to put down anyone who works any type of the fields I have ranted about or any other field that doesn’t involve animals. If you are happy where you are then great! I wish you all the best. It’s just not something I want to do, nor is it for everybody.
I’m just starting to wonder, how many people out there are doing the job they do everyday because they love it? or because they have to do it, not that they want to but they have to, in order to support themselves and their families. Am I being selfish for wanting to do what I love to do, and hate to settle for less, even though I will need to pay next month rent and I need a job! Sure my boyfriend will help out and pay the rent until I get a job, but I enjoy being able to help and be independent and he enjoys that quality in me.


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